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Dangers of Old Trees and Why They Need To Be Removed In Essex

Trees are beneficial to your garden in many ways. However, sometimes old trees can become an eyesore or take up too much space in your garden. For whatever reason, a tree surgeon may have felled the tree, but left in the stump. As you may already realize by now, tree stumps offer next to nothing in terms of beauty or practicality, in fact, they are a downright nuisance. Apart from all those stubbed toe episodes, there are a number of reasons why you should consider removing tree stumps.

Tree Stump Image

Infected Tree Stump

1) Pest Colonies

Tree stumps serve as an ideal haven for insects. While these pests may not bother you at first, eventually, once a colony is established, say, of ants or beetles, you could find your home becomes a target for the roving insects. Giant wood wasps or bees can also take up residence in old stumps and a colony so close to your home puts everyone in danger of being stung by these territorial insects.

2) New Tree Growth

Sometimes, when the stump is still alive, “suckering” may occur. This means that new trees may begin to grow from the roots and trunk, taking up valuable space in your garden that would better be used for landscaping or installing paving stones.

3) Root Diseases and Fungi

Old stumps are also a favoured spot for fungi and root diseases to set in. This is a major concern as not only is fungi unsightly, it spreads easily and can ruin plants, crops and other trees.

4) Precious Space

You might also consider removing a tree stump to conserve space that could be better used for a table or even a flower or vegetable patch. The root systems of many species of a tree often distort the ground and make it difficult to place garden ornaments, add a pond or simply set up a deck chair in the sun.

5) Hazardous

You should consider tree stump removal if you have children or spend a lot of time in the garden as even small stumps can cause trips and falls. It’s bad enough stubbing your toe indoors let alone being caught unawares by a stump lurking among the plants and flowers.

6) Unattractive

A single stump stands out like a sore thumb in any garden and can undo all your hard work, simply by sitting there doing nothing. Anyway, just think of the things you could do with that freed up space!

7) Limited Gardening Options

Working around a stump when gardening can become a tedious and time-consuming exercise. Even dead and rotten stumps can take up a surprisingly large area of space in your garden. Tree stump removal, in this case, can help you to transform your garden into an oasis.

Once the offending tree stump has been removed, you’ll be surprised at just how much more free space you have in your garden. Also, bear in mind that tree stumps take up a lot of room so you’ll need to add soil to level the site. All in all, though, removing tree stumps from your garden definitely pays dividends in the long run, especially when it comes time to plant those new seeds for next spring.

For peace of mind, it is always worth contacting the professionals that are fully trained in the art of tree surgery (arborist) so that they are likely to know what to do when they encounter a difficult tree that needs to be cut down. We would suggest that you contact Essex Garden Care for services in Essex.