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Remove Marijuana from Controlled Substances List

It has just been mere hours since New Jersey Senator Cory Booker stated he believes marijuana should no longer be a controlled substance. In fact, he introduced a bill to that effect. The bill is initiated the Marijuana Justice Act, and it will be formally announced via Facebook Live on Tuesday. This bill aims to legalize marijuana on a federal level.

Picture fo Medical Marijuana Portland DispensaryThis act also includes allocations for federal funds to be given to states that have not yet legalized. These assignments are set to inspire countries to avoid arresting minorities for possessing marijuana. Furthermore, people who currently serve prison time for offenses related to marijuana could see their sentences turned over or reduced under this bill. Booker stated, “Our country’s drug laws are badly broken and need to be fixed.”

He also claims these laws do not help to make communities any safer than they had previous to their injunction. Instead, they serve to remove the focus of resources from fighting more critical situations, such as violent crimes. They can also be used to divide families and make a low impact on lower income families and communities. These communities primarily include minorities. Furthermore, the use of such resources poorly uses tax payer dollars each year, when they should be used to focus on other aspects of criminal life. For more information please do consult a professional Portland dispensary.

Therefore, Booker also claims that removing marijuana from the controlled substances schedule can lead to many people serving time-related to the drug being released. Removing these people from prison systems across the country can mean saving lots of money. At the same time, taking this step with marijuana “is a necessary step in correcting this unjust system.” Booker cites states that have already lead the way in this reformation, saying “it’s about time the federal government catches up and begins to assert leadership.”

At the same time, monies allocated under the Marijuana Justice Act would include community investment funds. These funds aim to help communities that have been affected the most by the War on Drugs. It will assist in job training, especially for those persons re-entering society from prison. It will also help with funding public libraries and other youth programs to help uplift communities for the future. In entering the world of medical marijuana, you should take some advise to some credible Portland dispensaries.

Some other senators, including Bernie Sanders of Vermont, have approached marijuana legalization on a federal level before. However, they did not make any progress. Considering that over 200 million Americas now live in states where marijuana is legal to some degree, many people are baffled as to why marijuana is still considered a controlled substance on the federal level.

There is one, a major concern with how this bill will progress. Since Attorney General Jeff Sessions views marijuana as “slightly less awful” in comparison to heroin, he does not see where marijuana should be legalized anytime soon. Specifically, Sessions stated that the United States needs to stand against drugs still on an active front as “using drugs will destroy your life.”

Many people in states where marijuana is completely legal to disagree. Instead, some states, like Colorado and Washington, are starting to see a thriving industry take place. At the same time, their crime rates are down considerably. The models these states provide for working with legalized marijuana can be used as a platform by which other countries can survive, thus eventually leading the nation hopefully to overturn controlled scheduling for marijuana in the future.