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Things to Know Before Booking a Holiday in Japan

Before you book a holiday to any destination, it is important that you learn about the place. There are a number of things that you should know before you book a trip to Japan—Japan vacations. Knowing these things will ensure that you are not confused when you arrive and that you adhere to the local culture.

Know When To Take Shoes Off

Japan, like many other Asian countries, has etiquette regarding when you should take your shoes off. It is customary to take your shoes off when you enter a room with carpet, certain areas of a restaurant and when you enter someone’s home. It is recommended that you always wear nice socks to ensure that you do not embarrass yourself or your hosts when you have to take your shoes off.

If You Plan To Leave Tokyo Get A JR Pass

If you are going to be venturing outside of Tokyo on your trip to Japan, you should look at getting a JR Pass. There are many people who feel that this might be expensive, but the pass allows you to access any Japan Rail train for 7 days. If you are willing to pay extra, you can get a pass that covers a longer amount of time.

The trains that you can take with the pass include several high-speed or Shinkansen trains. You do not need to worry about this pass if you are going to be staying in Tokyo for the entire trip. The Tokyo subway has cheap fares and you can easily purchase a ticket from the ticket machines which have an English menu option.

Bring Cash And A Means Of Getting More

Many people do not realize that Japan is still a cash-based society. There are many places that you would expect to take a credit card which do not, including the local McDonalds. There are a lot of stores that are not equipped to handle card payments, so you need to ensure that you have cash on you. You also need to ensure that you have a way of getting more cash if you need to.

When you travel to Japan, you should also consider getting a coin purse. This is due to the fact that everything from 1 yen to 500 yen is in coin form. If you do not have a coin purse, you do not have to worry because this is one of the most common souvenirs at any tourist shop.

Bargains Will Take Effort

If you want to find a bargain in Japan, you need to make an effort. Travelers will find that the further you go from the train station, the cheaper everything will become. A top on the fashionable streets can cost up to $30, but if you wander around a bit you could find comparable clothing for approximately $2.50. It may seem to be common advice, but it is highly recommended that you continue walking before you make any purchases when in Japan.