Elgin IL AC Repair Wedding Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is a woman you know getting married anytime soon because you will want to throw her an amazing bachelorette party? However, you don’t want to be boring and do the same old party ideas that everyone else does. With that said, here are five unique bachelorette party ideas, wedding robes for bridal party, you should consider trying.

1. Hire A Psychic- Hire a psychic to come over for the party, and even the skeptics in your group will have a blast. There are many types of psychics you can hire, such as handwriting analysis, palm readers and tarot card readers to name a few. The entire party will find the party intriguing and they will be kept entertained throughout the entire time the psychic is there. What you should do is hire a psychic and not let the bachelorette know about it, and when she arrives she will be completely surprised because of nobody really things of psychics when they think of bachelorette parties, lace robe.

2. Laser Tag Or Paint Balling- If you don’t mind getting messy, then head over to the nearest paintball range and take part in a few games. You can even wear your bridesmaid’s dresses if you want to make things even more interesting. You will be surprised at how much fun you’ll have.

If you don’t want to get messy, then opt for laser tag instead of paint balling. Laser tag is fun and you can easily spend hours. Many places even have deals that you can take advantage of.

3. Pole Dancing Class- Taking a pole dancing class is a great way to entertain the bachelorette and the rest of the party. Pole dancing classes are fun and everyone will get to laugh at one another when they attempt moves on the pole. If pole dancing doesn’t sound fun or unique to you, then have the entire bachelorette party take a burlesque class. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not with burlesque or pole dancing, there are classes that are suitable for those at any level, as well as age and body type.

4. Music Festivals- Instead of doing the same old party ideas, you can head over to a music festival and have the bachelorette party held there. With so many festivals taking place throughout the year, finding a good one to attend should be easy. Just do a bit of research before deciding which one to attend.

5. Games- Have a game night, but feel free to make it adult-oriented or get a bunch of games you know the bride-to-be will like and make a night out of it. Game nights are very versatile, so feel free to come up with ideas you know the guest of honor will love.

If you want to make a bachelorette party more unique, then consider having a game night, taking pole dancing classes or go to a music festival. Feel free to do laser tag, paintball or hire a psychic. Any of those ideas will have the same end result, which is the bride-to-be having a great time.