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Why Legalize Marijuana?

The dilemma has been around for so many years, and yet every day people ask themselves why marijuana is illegal? With all of the health benefits found in cannabis, yet still, it’s illegal. Alcohol has been causing problems for years, yet still marijuana users, in most states still live in fear of being caught or even worse incarcerated. Cigarettes have no health benefits whatsoever, but because of greed and politics, they remain legal and even have thousands of extra chemicals added to add to the addiction. These additional chemicals are all carcinogenic and harmful. When using marijuana most users calm down and relax. Whatever the reason to use the fact remains marijuana is recreational and harmless. The fact remains marijuana illegal, and the people that do decide to partake in this wonderful drug are persecuted and shunned by many.

Picture of Portland Medical Marijuana DispensaryPeople in sports can not use marijuana yet there are no physical advantages in participating in the drug. Failing a drug test for this drug causes people to lose jobs, marriages, and even add to jail time. There is no real threat for a marijuana user except maybe for smokers to themselves. It’s perplexing and complicated trying to find out why it’s still illegal. Could it be because it can not be taxed yet? You don’t know where to buy a medical marijuana? Just contact a legal professional cannabis shop.

There are many different types of marijuana to choose from some have the potency to put the most hyper person in a daze of chill town. There are so many benefits, yet the fact remains that no one is allowed to me unless they live in a particular state or have a prescription for it.

There are real health benefits to smoking and here are a few of them

  • Insomnia
  • Chemotherapy
  • Glaucoma
  • Inspiration

Helps with diet issues

Now is a good chance to discuss these health benefits. Insomnia is the first one mentioned and a good one because thousands deal with this condition and if they had some solution that was legal, many more people would be able to sleep at night. How much more would consider the choice of marijuana if it were legalized? For more information contact an expert Portland dispensary.

By now your probably asking yourself so why is it still illegal? People have been asking this issues for many years. If enduring chemotherapy or radiation treatment marijuana has been used to cure the vomiting and mellow the patient out, so they are relaxed and in a zen-like a state. If someone is suffering from glaucoma, this may be a drug you want to try. This particular disease is caused by nerve damage to the eye by intraocular pressure or IOP. To cure or live with it you need to lower the IOP. Studies have shown that the use of marijuana can do just that. The use of marijuana can clear your mind and be rather inspirational. I read something today that said Washington has sold over a billion dollars worth of marijuana since 2014 that’s a lot.

It just makes me query with all these benefits why it so wrong to puff the magic dragon. Knowing that smoking is medicine, it makes someone feel good, and it helps to keep the edge off pain why can’t I enjoy the nectar of the sweet nuggets.